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Get Instant Financial Help from London Loan Bank

Get Instant Financial Help from London Loan Bank

In the midst of a sudden crisis, the best way to overcome the situation is to get an instant financial help from a feasible funding source. We at London Loan Bank offer viable and quick everyday loans so that you manage all expenses and liabilities in less than an hour. Our fresh deals are affordable and accessible to all residents in the UK.

A Reliable Direct Lender for all Types of Loans

London Loan Bank is a trustworthy direct lender offering affordable and legitimate financial support to all needy people irrespective of their job and financial status. If a bank refuses your bad credit loan application and you are feeling frustrated about the grim situation, then just apply for the cash with us. We are one of the best bad credit loans lenders in the UK offering highly customised and flexible poor credit loans with no extra charges. Our online team doesn’t believe in harassing the applicants and hence doesn’t carry out credit check step. Our deals are realistic and can be accessed in the real time without any delay.

How Do Our Quick and Flexible Loans Work?

Whether you intend to avail poor credit loans or guaranteed funds, you get the approval within 5 minutes of the submitted online application. Our team of the best lending professionals quickly reviews your requests and gives 100 % approval provided the applicants are 18-75 years old and the residents in the UK. No guarantor and no collateral are required to qualify for the funds.

Our primary lending motto is to make you financially stable by offering low APR funding deals on easy terms. Our flexible bad credit finance options perfectly match your needs and you can borrow up to £80000 without any liability. We perfectly understand your repayment power and hence offer personalised installment modes.

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Who We Are

London Loan Bank is an innovative online lending company offering a wide range of loans in the UK. Our secure lending website can handle thousands of funding requests without any glitch. We specialise in bad credit financing solutions and offer incredible deals to poor credit people, CCJs, bankrupt and more. Prospective borrowers can apply for the funds without worrying about hidden surprises.


We are a responsible lender. All the costs charged are clearly listed on our website. There are no hidden charges involved, and no penalties for early repayments.

To avail our benefits at London Loan Bank, submit your request in the online application form. We will strive to help you by arranging some of the most efficient loan deals. It does not matter who you are or what you do for living– our secure website will ensure transparent funding round the clock. We will be in touch with you through the entire transaction and duly notify if the application gets processed.