LondonLoanBank – Growing Czar in Innovative FinTech Driven Lending

LondonLoanBank | London Loan Bank Ltd

London Loan Bank Limited is one of the fastest growing FinTech lending companies based in the UK, and offering wide range of personal loans to fulfil short term financial needs of new age businesses, start up businesses as well as the individuals. The owners at LondonLoanBank Limited have taken a quick and serious stand on growing popularity of FinTech in the UK and extended it to product deliverance.

London Loan Bank Ltd., is the functional unit of LondonLoanBank Limited, and concentrates on small loans segment, held under the broader view of personal loans. The unit has reiterated that ever since the emergence of FinTech on the global framework, holding specific reference of the UK, London Loan Bank Ltd., has always tried to make efficient efforts in creating and developing strong sustainable bonding with its continuously rising borrowers.

Conventional Loan Products from London Loan Bank Limited

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Modernised and information technology backed EMERGENT FINTECH Markets in the UK are propelling new ways of lending. London Loan Bank Limited has taken the tide in the recent two and three years over the traditional financial landscape by introducing wide range of loans such as:

  • 12 Month Loans
  • 1000 Pound Loans
  • Business Loans

These are not any arbitrary loans, but have relevance in social context of lending, materialised and availed through the established FinTech protocols.

Types of Loans and Inside of It

We recognise and keep the tempo with the progress of new loan products and FCA guidelines. It helps us in a major way to provide transparent and reliable means of funding, besides ensuring compliance, competitiveness and profitability. London Loan Bank Ltd. also runs variant names vis-à-vis London Loan Bank, the purpose of which is to serve interests of the customers in a more better and elaborate manner. We strongly believe in delivering good customers services in short time frames. Here is the briefing on short term loans offered to the customers by us:

12 Month Loans:

12 month loans londonloanbank

In case of any sudden requirement of funds, especially in those uncalled for emergencies, London Loan Bank can come to your rescue with its special offer, carried forward as 12 Month Loans. It is a cash loan offered against monthly instalments. If you apply with us and approval for the designated loan comes your way, the cash will reach to your registered bank account in matter of few hours.

1000 Pound Loans:

1000 pound loans londonloansbank

It is another category of small loans offered to our customers on terms that are quite practical and beneficial. 1000 Pound Loans from London Loan Bank, are unsecured loans, and we do not ask our prospective to show up any equity. These loans are provided to people living on benefits such as income support benefits, working family tax credits, child benefit, housing allowance, disability benefits, and disability living allowance, besides several other tax credits too. The approval time for loans is fast.

Business Loans:

Business Loans Londonloanbank

The loans are availed within short term lending structure and quite ideal for start up businesses, new business ventures and medium business enterprises. Among the many benefits of Business Loans from London Loan Bank; flexibility in repayments and alignment to business cash flows for avoiding financial intricacies are prominent. Businesses in the mode of expansion would use borrowed amount in different ways for moving up in the value chain.

The Verdict

We make firm assessment of credit worthiness and affordability of customers, before undertaking the lending measures. We have built up a wealth of experience and expertise in FinTech lending market of the UK, and over the span of few years, their insights allow us to take microcosmic review of loan application and come up with pro customer decisions.

LondonLoanBank – Growing Czar in Innovative FinTech Driven Lending

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